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9892 Bustleton Ave., Suite 302
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Beautiful Teeth

Get the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted with our restorative and cosmetic dental services. Let us help you with crowns, dentures, and other services designed to create picture-perfect smiles. You can get a FREE initial consultation about restorative implants and crowns.

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Everest Dental LLC

9892 Bustleton Ave., Suite 302

Philadelphia, PA 19115

 Email: everestdentalwz@gmail.com

Phone: 215-671-0188 or 215-670-0828

Fax: 215-671-0277

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Serving all of Northeast Philadelphia and South Jersey

 If you have any questions about locating our office, please call us! We’ll be glad to help you find the office, the right public transportation routes, or assistance in traveling.

 English, Russian, Polish, Czech, Ukrainian and Slovak are all spoken in our office.